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Athens is one of the most exciting and welcoming capitals in Europe. 


A pole of attraction for millions of tourists every year, Athens is also home to one of the most vibrant and diverse populations in all of Europe. Locals and expats, artists and scientists, investors and innovators, students and pensioners, adventure seekers and asylum seekers, people of different backgrounds all contribute to the unique multicultural character of Athens and find inspiration in what the city has to offer: 

Extremely favourable weather, one of a kind cuisine, a stunning coastline with organised beaches and classy resorts, one of the largest commercial ports, a modern airport and state-of-the-art underground system, over 50 universities and colleges, over 60 museums and 150 theatres, too many cafés, sports facilities, cultural centres, open air cinemas, an endless list of attractions to visit and memories to make.


Truly a world capital with a unique cultural heritage and a privileged geography, ever changing and fast developing, Athens constitutes an ideal setting for Erasmus+ and other work experience projects. 

Here, street artists perform among ancient ruins, business hubs form around traditional bistros, antique shops compete with shopping malls, tourists live next door to locals, and almost everyone can communicate in English. 

Have a look and find out more on our favourite culture magazine GREECE IS

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