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"I spoke a lot of English here in Athens! The internship programme with Erasmus+ in Athens was one of the best decisions I have ever made!"  Lena from Freilassing

"It was an absolutely unforgettable time here. My workplace was just great!"  
Jessica from Meschede 

"Staying in Athens with HostEd has been an amazing experience for me and I am recommending it 100%. The team is lovely and supportive, and they chose a great company for me to work at. Thank you!" Luisa from Hamburg 

"I liked my internship very much. It was a great experience and I was able to develop myself linguistically and also as a person. I have never spoken so much English as during my stay here!" Sophia from Tuttlingen

"From day one, the organization was perfect. They organized a shuttle from the airport to bring us to the apartment, the apartments they booked for us were also very good and clean. Every time we needed something, they helped us and were open for questions." Gioia from Cologne


"An eye-opening, unique experience that none of us will forget! Athens is an incredible city worth visiting, everything was spot-on!" 
Lazar from Smederevo

"An excellent educational program that enabled an intensive expansion of competencies in the sense of the European idea. An equally excellent support from Lena and Chris. A total of 11 out of 10 points!!! I am looking forward to my next stay with a school group!"  
Dirk, Erasmus+ Coordinator from Idar-Oberstein


"HostEd did an amazing job! The pre-organization and the support during our stay was excellent!"  Alexandra from Unna

"I really enjoyed the internship because I was able to learn new things about another industry that I didn't know from Germany. Also, getting an insight into the working world of another country is a valuable experience that helps me to see things from different perspectives." Verena from Tuttlingen

"The Erasmus+ experience has helped me to improve academically and especially personally!"  
Antonio from Málaga


"Thank you very much Lena, Chris and Manos, for welcoming our students so warmly to Athens. Your program helped them to develop further in various ways, personally and professionally. The group spent an extraordinary four weeks with you and we are looking forward to seeing you next summer again. Great job!!" Kathrin, Erasmus+ Coordinator from Tuttlingen

"I had a great time, I felt very welcome at the HostEd office and I would always recommend this experience to every student!"  Julia from Berlin

"I loved the commitment of the whole HostEd team and colleagues at work to create a great working environment for us here. In Athens I broke out of my comfort zone and it was like paradise."
Jessica from Hechingen

"Athens is full of surprises and friendly people. I feel like I improved my English a lot through my internship!"  Lea from Berlin

"HostEd took awesome care of us, they guided us the whole time and they were available for every sort of question."  Christian from Meschede 

"We have had a very good experience with HostEd throughout - all our participants so far have been excited. Lena is a very nice and competent partner, who takes great care also of the formal aspects and the project organisation. One participant told me after the project that the time in Athens had been the best time of her life! I hope we will send many more groups to Athens!" 

Sabine, Erasmus+ Coordinator from Berlin


"It was one of the best experiences in my life, I had a lot of fun at work. I learned lots of things that I am going to need  later on in my work and my life. Thank you for everything!" Romperta from Hamburg


"You felt well-treated and they care a lot about you and I enjoyed this. Nice location and nice people, it felt like home."  Laila from Idar-Oberstein

"These three weeks in Athens were one of the best times of my life!"  Tillman from Schwerin

"Great experience in a lovely city and I am very thankful that I took this opportunity!"

Christopher from Hamm 

"I really enjoyed the programme and would do it again! Thanks to HostEd for organising it, and for looking after the students. I learned a lot - professionally and personally."  
Alexandra from Herzogenaurach

"My Athens experience was way more fun than I could have ever imagined! Lena and Chris were super kind!"  Leonie from Berlin

"Good English practice in a nice city with open and friendly people!"   Niklas from Wesel

"I love the Greek culture and to have the opportunity to meet people from around the world." 
Claudia from Málaga 

"The people were very nice and you always felt welcome. The programme also included a City Tour to beautiful attractions which made our stay much more interesting. The provided accommodation was beautiful and in good condition. Thanks to Lena and Chris for making this trip so enjoyable!!"  
Max from Idar-Oberstein

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