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The Erasmus+ programme is an educational programme funded by the European Union. It gives university students, vocational students and teachers the chance to participate in mobility and training projects across Europe. Its main aim is to enable European citizens to live, study and work in another European country for a certain period of time. 


What are the benefits of an Erasmus+ project?

  • Experience Athens: a vibrant, hospitable and exciting city, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

  • Improve your English: like in most international work settings, we all speak English as the shared European communication language. 

  • Gain job & life skills: become more independent and self-confident, learn how to adapt to a new environment, challenge yourself and return to your home-country with a suitcase full of new life experiences!

  • Boost your CV: demonstrate to future employers that you are not afraid of trying out something new and that you are capable to work in an international environment.

  • Make new friends: meet new people from all over the world through the Erasmus+ community in Athens, your workplace and simply by exploring Athens!

Why Erasmus+ with HostEd in Athens?

  • Athens is an exciting and modern capital city that has so much to offer - from world-class museums, beautiful beaches, to relaxing
    parks and vibrant cafés and nightlife. 

  • People in Athens speak very good English and you can find most information in English in day-to-day life. Athenians love to speak

  • Athens has a modern underground and tram system that is easy to use for your public transport.

  • HostEd offers you guidance and mentorship during your stay in Athens. 

  • HostEd organises you a comfortable and modern accommodation in self-catering apartments in a central location in Athens. 

  • You have the chance to meet other international students from all over Europe through the Athens Erasmus+ community and make new friends! 

CV - Curriculum Vitae (Job interview con

Where will my internship take place?

HostEd cooperates with a wide range of companies in Athens that offer short-term and long-term internships to international students and support the Erasmus+ programme. 

Depending on your work profile these could be travel agencies, hotels, logistics companies, charity organisations, non-profit organisations, consulting offices, media and IT companies, cultural centres, bakeries or restaurants – we only cooperate with companies that work in an international environment and are able to offer English-speaking tasks and communication. 

Please contact us if you have an enquiry for internships in a specific industry. 

What are the requirements to participate?

  • Minimum age: 18 

  • Minimum English level: B1 

  • Minimum number of participants per group: 3 (contact us to inquire about smaller groups) 

  • Duration: 2 weeks - 6 months (please contact us via email to find out more about our 2-week "Professional Development Project")

  • An open mind: the ability to adapt to a new and international environment


If you have any further questions, or you are unsure if the Erasmus+ programme is for you, you can always drop us an email and we will advise you with whatever you might need help with.

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