HostEd is a centre for professional development and adult learning in Athens.

We are an international team of educators and project managers with great experience in European mobility and training programmes.

We are driven by the idea of European collaboration and cultural exchange, and it is our mission to contribute towards the personal and professional growth of all Europeans, welcoming them to experience their Erasmus+ project in our beloved city of Athens. 

And thanks to our extensive network of Athens-based companies and services, we facilitate the successful implementation of Erasmus+ projects in Athens.


Man holding EU European Union flag wavin

Our partners consist of vocational schools and professional colleges across Europe who participate in the Erasmus+ programme. 

We welcome their students in Athens and arrange for their reception, accommodation and internship. We also offer English-speaking courses, professional development sessions, guided tours, day-to-day support and dedicated mentorship from our team.  


Lena Mutschler & Christoforos Diakoulakis, Co-Founders of HostEd