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Athens from a student's perspective

Florine is a German student studying Tourism in Berlin and for her Erasmus+ project she decided to come to the Greek capital - find out here what she has to say about her experience in Athens.


Hello, my name is Florine, I did Erasmus+ with HostEd in 2021 and I would like to tell you why Athens is an amazing destination for Erasmus+ projects.

Greece is a hugely popular tourist destination in Europe, with well over 30 million tourists visiting every year. Almost all road signs, menus and metro stops in Athens are written in both Greek and English, as are museums and other attraction signs. It's easy to make friends using only English as most young adults are fluent in the language and Greeks are a welcoming kind of people and cool with foreigners.

Athens is a really interesting and diverse city covering all possible fields, from history, nature, to the cultural, gastronomical, architectural, and entertainment treasures the Greek capital offers in abundance.

You will discover amazing views above the city on many hills - by the way, one of the best ones is the "Lofos Strefi" in my favourite area called Exarcheia - 15-minutes from the centre, a very colourful and lively urban area. Athens has a great nightlife too, with many clubs, bars, cafes and taverns.

There are also very good shopping opportunities in many original local boutiques, flea markets and thrift shops. And of course mouth-watering food from delicious and nutritious breakfast to homemade local dishes, street food, and a cult-classic cup of traditional Greek coffee.

In my free time I loved going to the beaches with crystal clear water only 30 minutes away from the centre. And if you are motivated to drive a little longer you will find Vouliagmeni a place that makes you feel like you are on an island.

As you see, everyone is bound to find what they’re looking for. So come and discover this wonderful city for yourself!


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