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Erasmus+ Insights: A Conversation with 4 Students

Meet Marie, Paula, Johanna and Regina, as they share their valuable insights for prospective Erasmus applicants, the memories they made and their personal growth through this project.

Behind this conversation is Leonie, a student who completed her own Erasmus+ internship with us at HostEd and organised this interview with her flatmates.

How did you prepare for your internship abroad?

Marie: In school we had two preparing-lessons with our teachers. There we got to know the people we will be with during our internship abroad.

Paula: We also got to know some information about life in Athens and how we should behave during our project.

What did it feel like to meet the people you will live with for the next 3 weeks?

Johanna: I think we all had some struggles with the idea of living together with foreign people for the three weeks of our internship abroad. Besides, you also didn’t know if you would get along with the others.

Paula: We met in the preparing lessons in school and at the airport, but we did not know anything about each other before that. After some time, we got to know each other better and we were happy to share the apartment together!

Do you have a favourite place you visited in Athens?

Marie: We went to the Lycabettus Hill one evening to see the sunset. From the top you have a very special view over the whole city of Athens.

Regina: My favourite places were the Acropolis, where you have also a very nice view over the city. I think the rooftop bars are also very nice. When you go on a rooftop bar in the area of Monastiraki in the evening, you have a very nice view of the lit-up Acropolis.

Johanna: Plaka is also an area to visit when you are in Athens. There are a lot of small stores to buy souvenirs.

Can you tell me something nice to discover?

Regina: The beaches to see the sunset, you can just have a relaxed day there with your roommates.

Paula: If you are in Athens or do your internship in this city, you have to go to the Acropolis or on the top of the Lycabettus Hill. The views are overwhelming.

All: In our age it is really interesting to get to know the nightlife in Athens. We think it is kind of different then the nightlife in Germany.

Do you have some tips for other students who will do an Erasmus+ internship abroad?

Johanna: If you do your internship abroad you have to be open minded and be able to adapt to the others. You have to keep in mind, that you are living together with other people, which lives are different to your own life.

Marie: The three weeks are never coming back so you have to enjoy the time as much possible! Visit the city and do the typical sightseeing tours.

What have you gained from this project?

Marie: Through the project I improved my English and grew personally. I was also able to collect many memories and make new friends.

Regina: I improved my English too and made a lot of memories. It was very interesting to get to know another culture and the life here.

We hope Marie, Paula, Johanna, Regina, and Leonie's insights have provided you with a glimpse into the incredible opportunities that the Erasmus+ experience in Athens can offer!


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