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An interview with a student: Lena talks about her Erasmus+ project in Athens.

Lena is a German student and she just completed her Erasmus+ project in Athens, working as an intern in the Tourism industry. We chatted a bit on her last day about her impressions of Athens and the Erasmus+ programme.

Hello Lena, you just finished your Erasmus+ project in Athens. How did you like Athens as a destination for Erasmus+ students and what did you like most about the city?

I think that Athens is a really nice and lively city! It is perfect for young students because you can see and visit so many different places. The people are also very friendly and the journey to the sea is not that far. There are many different possibilities to go out with your friends or to get to know new people in cafes or bars.

How did you like working with HostEd?

It was very easy for me because everything was already arranged with the company where I did my internship and the accommodation was also very good. During my whole stay I had the feeling that I get help for everything I need. When I had any questions I always got a helpful answer and I felt very welcome in the programme of HostEd! :-)

Did you speak a lot of English during your stay in Athens?

I spoke a lot of English during my stay here in Athens! I worked together with two girls from Greece so we could only communicate in English. My friends were also from all over Europe so we had to speak in English with each other. I really improved my English during my stay in Athens.

Your internship was in the field of Business Administration in a company working in Tourism and Real Estate – what was your experiences as an intern?

It was a really good experience to work in the field of Business Administration. One of my tasks was to go out to some apartments in order to do the check-out and the check- in. That means that I had to check if the tenants made any damage in the flat, but it always went well. I also had to write a lot of emails and do phone calls too.

What would be your advice for other students who are still not sure whether or not to participate in Erasmus+?

The internship with the Erasmus+ programme in Athens was one of the best decisions I ever made!! I got to know so many new people and new friendships were founded very fast. I would suggest everybody who is not sure about doing it yet, to take that unique chance and enjoy the time full of new impressions and experiences.

Thank you very much for the interview, Lena. We are really happy that you had such a good experience in Athens and we wish you all the best for your future!


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