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Athens is an English-speaking capital city

Find out 5 reasons why Athens is a great destination for English-speaking Erasmus+ projects

1. Speaking different languages has always been a value in Greece and Greeks are very talented language learners - as this map shows us, English conversational skills in Greece are the highest among all mediterranean countries and on the same level than countries like Germany or Belgium. With an estimated percentage being even higher in Athens!

2. Greece is a small country so no one assumes foreigners speak Greek - Athenians are very willing to speak English and they are very communicative people too!

3. With Athens being a booming tourist-destination, English has very much become part of the city life! You will see most menues, signs and information bilingually.

4. All cinemas show movies in their original language with Greek subtitles - so you can enjoy going to the cinema and watch an English film! And hey, who wants to hear Leonardo DiCaprio speak German or Spanish anyway ;-)

5. Many Greeks have lived or studied abroad for a while and intensify their language skills - lots of families also invest into their children learning English even from early on and there are lots of private English colleges!


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