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Our top picks for museums and galleries in Athens

Athens is a heaven for art and history lovers. With countless museums and art galleries, it’s easy to not know where to even begin. We have done the groundwork for you and have shortlisted 5 of the best options that cover all interests, from archaeology to modern art.

1. Acropolis Museum


With a view of the Parthenon, this modern museum brings ancient Athens to life with its replicas of buildings and ancient neighbourhoods, sculptures and more than 3000 artifacts. On the top floor you will find a gallery, as well as an informative video projection showcasing the history of the Acropolis. The museum also houses a popular café and restaurant with a terrace view of the Parthenon.

2. National Art Gallery


Reopened in 2021, the National Art Gallery of Athens is a modern and bright building that exhibits works of all the greatest Greek artists, as well as some of the world’s most famous painters like Picasso and Delacroix. The art pieces originate from the 14th to the 20th century and give a great insight into Greek history and culture.

3. Benaki Museum


Housed in the Benaki family mansion near Syntagma square, this museum exhibits Greek art from prehistoric to modern times, as well as Asian and Islamic art. It is unique in the way it represents and celebrates the foreign influences on Greek culture. From paintings to scriptures, traditional outfits and items, this museum acts like a panorama of Greek history and culture.

4. Goulandris Museum of Modern Art

Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and works of many other world famous and Greek artists have found their home in this museum. Right next to the Panathenaic stadium, the Goulandris Museum of Modern Art opened in 2019 and exhibits one of the world’s most valuable private collections of impressionist, modernist and post-war art.

5. Museum of Illusions

Last but not least, a different option to visiting only history and archaeology museums, the Museum of Illusions opened in 2018 and offers a visual, sensory and educational experience to visitors of all ages. Through 60 visual and interactive exhibits like holograms and infinity rooms, this is the perfect place to visit with friends and take lots of pictures!


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