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A group of students talk about their Erasmus+ internship experience in Athens

Verena, Luka, Sophia, Thomas and Roman are students from Germany who chose Athens as the destination for their Erasmus+ internships. They all worked in companies of different industries, and during their last week in Athens they talked to us about their impressions of the city, their internships and the Erasmus+ programme experience.

HostEd: What did you think about Athens as a destination for Erasmus+ students? Which were your favourite spots?

Luka: I think Athens is a great destination for Erasmus+ students, I like it very much because it is not the typical “central Europe” experience. Also, the people in Athens or generally in Greece are very kind and always ready to help. My favorite spots were around the Monastiraki Square.

Roman: Athens is an excellent destination. It has so much to offer in beauty, history, and interesting people. My most favourite spots are the Lofos Filopappou and Syntagma Square, definitely worth a visit.

Thomas: I think Athens is a perfect place for Erasmus+ students, you are in a very beautiful city with very nice spots to visit. Athens offers a huge selection for every type of person whether you are interested in history, culture or partying. The people are very nice, the food is a dream. A must see for me is the Acropolis and the beach.

HostEd: How did you like working with HostEd?

Roman: Definitely enjoyed it. No issues, friendly and helpful – and it was all well-organized.

Sophia: The cooperation was very uncomplicated! Everything was well-organised so that the start in Athens went off without a hitch. Through a feedback meeting and email contact, I felt well taken care of during my stay here in Athens.

Thomas: HostEd is very competent and well organized. They took very good care of us throughout and were always available.

HostEd: What was the most valuable experience that you took from your time abroad?

Thomas: I think the most valuable experience has been all the great people I've met but also the nice spots which are breathtaking and simply this good vibe Greece gives.

Sophia: Being confident is important and very helpful at every stage of your life. So for me, the most important experience was just coming out of yourself.

HostEd: What did you think of your internship? What did you like most about it, what were your key takeaways?

Roman: I enjoyed my time there. The director was very welcoming and showed and told me a lot about history and current events.

Sophia: I liked my internship very much. I was very lucky with my internship because I came to a very motivated and dedicated company. It was a great experience and I was able to develop myself linguistically and also as a person. What I liked most about the internship was that you got an insight into a completely different culture while working.

Verena: I really enjoyed the internship because I was able to learn new things about another industry that I didn't know from Germany. Also, getting an insight into the working world of another country is a valuable experience that helps me to see things from different perspectives.

HostEd: Did you speak a lot of English during your stay in Athens?

Sophia: I have never spoken so much English as during my stay here. Towards the end, I didn't have any more problems using the language.

Verena: Yes, actually a lot. I am sure that this stay has improved my English and I found it much easier than I would have thought before.

HostEd: What was your favourite memory from this experience?

Luka: Visiting the island of Andros on the second weekend of my stay.

Sophia: The most beautiful experience for me was that we were together in such a large group and in what a short time you can build up a close friendship with people who were initially strangers.

Verena: An evening together with my friends on the Lycabettus hill. Here we watched the sunset together and could see the lights of the city at night.

HostEd: What are some cultural differences you noticed between Greece and your home country?

Luka: People are more warm-hearted and they don't take themselves as seriously as in Germany.

Thomas: The Greek people are way more relaxed, they are much more open than the people in Germany and just so nice. You always feel welcome.

Roman: People here are passionate about what they do, who they like/dislike and live much more intensely than people do in Germany.

HostEd: What advice would you give to future Erasmus+ students coming to Athens?

Luka: I think here it's best to just let the city come to you. After the first few days you automatically settle in quickly.

Sophia: I would give the advice that if you decide to do this project you should try to be very open-minded. You should go out after work and see the city, you should try to see something new every day, because you will probably never get the chance to visit Athens again for such a long period of time.

Thomas: Enjoy it as much as you can, use the time to visit nice places, go to the beach, have fun and enjoy the good food!

It makes us so happy to hear that our students had a great Erasmus+ experience in Athens and we wish them all the best for their future endeavors!


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