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Our 5 favourite places to visit in Athens!

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Athens has so much beauty, style and variety that it is anything but easy to make a choice, but here are the 5 places that made it on our list of recommendations for you! Enjoy!

Take a ride by cable-car up LYCABETTUS HILL - this majestic hill overlooks the whole city and further, and you will enjoy the most stunning view and secure your perfect photo of Athens! Combine it with a shopping stroll and coffee break in upscale and chic Kolonaki at the foot of the hill afterwards for a perfect afternoon.

The STAVROS NIARCHOS FOUNDATION CULTURAL CENTRE is a real pearl in Athens! Designed by the famous Renzo Piano, it a stunning place to enjoy a walk in the beautiful park full of herbs, lavender and olive trees, visit the National Library and Opera that form part of the Centre or attend the cultural programme in the evenings, where Athenians mingle. What's best is that all activities and cultural events are for FREE - big thumbs up!

Athenians really appreciate good food and love to cook with fresh products - that's why traditionally, every district holds a weekly farmer's market ("laiki") where local farmers sell their products at low cost. The most famous one, and also the largest one, takes place every Saturday morning in trendy and studenty EXARCHIA on Kallidromiou Street. This is a great way to mingle with locals and enjoy the variety of the products, and it is also a good starting point to explore the creative Exarchia neighbourhood, continue for a lunch in the many affordable charming cafes, visit art galleries or go on a graffiti-tour.

And what if you are getting a little overwhelmed by living in a big city? Athens has it all - only a 30-minute ride by tram from the centre, the ATHENIAN RIVIERA offers stunning, organised beaches, relaxed cafes and a promenade where Athenians love to go for a walk or a run. Soak in some seaside air and enjoy the view to the Greek islands, and all that without even having to take the boat anywhere.

It goes without saying that you have to visit the ACROPOLIS - and also the Acropolis museum, voted among the best 6 museums in the world by the way! Also make sure you round up your historical day with an evening stroll in charming PLAKA which lies right underneath the Acropolis.

Get lost in the many colourful streets and grab real authentic food in a Greek taverna. Greek food is not only delicious, it is also among the healthiest diets in the world - our favourites are traditional "Gemista" and "Pastichio". :-)

***Bonus-tip for our summer&spring students*** - Enjoy a magical summer evening, watching a movie in one of the many stunning OPEN-AIR CINEMAS Athens has to offer! The most famous ones are Cine Thissio underneath the Acropolis, Cine Paris in Plaka or Cine Dexameni in Kolonaki , but there are many more and chances are high you will find one close to where you live too.


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