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Our student's top 6 hidden gems of Athens

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Three lovely tourism students from Berlin have selected their favourite spots in Athens for you!

Find our what Leonie, Julia and Sarah have to say about their experience in Athens.


Athens is not only the Greek capital city and popular tourist destination, but also a city full of surprises and secret spots for you to explore!

As you may easily find the biggest tourist attractions in Athens and many guides and tips on how to get to them, this article is about Athens' Hidden Gems - places we simply found by exploring the city or through other students, who have been in Athens for quite some time.

1. Neighbourhood Market

Every week the streets of Athens' neighbourhoods change their appearance completely for a few hours. Stands, tables and canopies are being set up early in the morning and loaded with seasonal products from the region such as fruits and vegetables, olives, flowers, plants and many other things.

At around 3 p.m., all the stands are cleared and the streets get cleaned up and go back to normal for a week.

In Greece you call these street markets “Laiki“ which literally means farmer’s market.

If you do like to look around and love fresh products you should definitely plan a visit.

In Neos Kosmos, the market takes places every Monday, starting at around 8am and

finishing at 2pm.

2. Lostre Kouzina

Very close to Manos’ AirBnB, hidden in a very calm walking street, we found this very nice restaurant named “Lostre Kouzina“.

You will most likely immediately notice that there are only locals eating here which showed us: This place must be really good! And it really was!

In this restaurant we found the typical Greek food like Greek salads, feta cheese, baked Saganaki, gyros, pita bread and delicious wine!

You will find Lostre Kouzina within 5 minutes walking distance from Manos’ AirBnB by following this link.

3. Akti Tou Iliou Alimos Beach

Akti tou Iliou or Costa del Sol, like locals say, on the coast of Alimos is a beautiful destination for swimming close to Athens!

It is really easy to access by tram, bus or car/taxi within 10-30 minutes.

From Monday-Friday this beach has an entrance fee of 6€ but it is worth it: You can relax under the umbrellas, lounge on the sunbeds and enjoy the holiday atmosphere, especially because the beach is separated from the loud streets. The facilities include changing rooms, beach bars, a restaurant, a beach volley court, or for those who prefer water sports, there are canoes and water pedals.

There is also a small shop where you can buy bathing accessories, sunscreen etc.

The water at this beach is beautiful and clear and we are sure you would have a great time here! You can find directions to this beach by clicking here.

4. Filopappou Hill

When the sun starts to set, take a walk up to the Filopappou Hill where you will have a guaranteed stunning view over all of Athens, the Acropolis and the Aegean Sea.

The walk is steep but manageable and absolutely worth it as its not far from your accommodation!

As the hill is not lit up at night we recommend to start walking back right after the sunset. Otherwise you may have real trouble finding your way back.

Get directions by clicking here.

5. Exarcheia

If you would like to see a completely different side of Athens we recommend you to visit the district Exarcheia.

As Exarcheia has a long history of protests, violence and riots this neighbourhood is the most alternative district of Athens and you will either love or hate it - but either way you should definitely make up your own mind about it and take a look at the colourful graffitis, thousands of book stores, thrift stores and some of the trendiest bars in the city!

If you would like to soak in another amazing view over Athens we suggest you to take a walk up the Strefi Hill.

6. Diplo Café

If you are already in the Exarcheia area we recommend you to take a seat at the Diplo Café. The area is very calm and you will find some nice shade under the big trees of Exarcheia square.

You should try an iced Freddo Cappuccino - its the Greek’s favourite coffee and surely you have already seen many Greeks walk around with this drink!

You will find the Café at the corner of Exarcheia square.

We really loved exploring Athens and had such a great time here and we hope you will too!


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